House Specialties

Experience delicious new Thai Dishes.

H1. Fried-Rice in Lobster Curry @ $24.95

Lobster Tail Fried, Thick red curry sauce, onion, carrot, served with house specialty Jasmine Thai Fried rice.






H2. Kao Pad Ta lay (Pineapple Seafood Fried-Rice) @ $24.95

Mixed seafood, Jasmine rice in Pineapple blow, yellow curry, Cashews, raisins, carrot, sweet peas, onion.

H3. Gang Phed Ped Yang (Crispy Duck in Red Curry) @ $2 2.95

One Half of Crispy Duck, Red curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, eggplant, pineapple, tomatoes, basil leaf, served with white Rice.

H4. Thai Chicken Garlic @ $15.95

Chicken breast seasoned with herb grilled on a bed of vegetables, and served with our delicious garlic sauce.

H5. Ho Mok Ma Prow Onn (Young coconut seafood curry) @ $24.95

Young coconut meat, mixed seafood, green curry, Thai eggplant, green beans, Thai sweet
basil, red bell pepper. Served with white rice.

H6. Choo Chee Salmon, (Grilled Salmon in Panang Curry) @ $15.95

Grilled Salmon, black pepper, Grilled Mixed vegetables, topped with pineapple and panang curry sauce. Served with White rice.

H7. Pla Laad Prik (Fried Red Snapper with chili sauce) @ $28.00

Whole Red Snapple, steam mixed vegetable, topping with homemade spicy sauce. Served with White Rice. 

H8. Goong Sam rod (Siam Volcano Shrimp) @ $22.95

Grilled jumbo shrimp, homemade gourmet sweet and sour red chili lime sauce served with a side of mixed vegetables. 

H9. Kao Mon Gai (Grouper Basil) @ $16.95

Delicately deep fried Grouper fillet accompanied by assorted vegetables and covered in a Thai Basil sauce. 

(1 – 4) Indicates spicy