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Gary and Lisa came to our restaurant because their two sons urged for them to come to check it out. They picked the most important day for them to come and it’s their anniversary. David and I (Lee) had a chance to welcome and serve their meals ourselves. Gary advised us to share our story about how we get Thai Blossom Bistro started.

Well, here is our story…One night in summer time 2 years ago. Joel (my son), Sarah (my daughter) and David sat around the dinner table eating supper. Everyone enjoyed my food so much and so I said,’’ What if we open a Thai restaurant.’’  Silence for a moment. Sarah didn’t hesitate to name our dream restaurant, she came up with Thai Blossom. Unfortunately, there was already a Thai restaurant named Thai Blossom that existed in Florida. Too bad, we couldn’t go with that name, but what if we add Bistro!

An idea about owning a Thai restaurant fed away for a while. A few months later, I started to hate my corporate job and was really thinking about opening a Thai restaurant and David was getting tired of working 80 hours per a week at a car dealership.

Here we go…We started searching for a perfect location, went on and on several malls, talked to many agents, discussion about rules, laws, regulations and so on. We wanted to avoid a mistake as much as possible, so we hired professionals in several fields to help us get started. A process went on for about 4 months before we found our location. And another 5 months for buildout, it took every bit of our energy, time, money, and relationships between us friends and family. However, we did well and continue to do well. So here we are “Thai Blossom Bistro” An authentic Thai Restaurant on Atlantic Blvd. Thank you for reading our story.

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